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"You can listen to whatever you like - space surf, metal surf, punk surf, garage surf etc. - but the common word is SURF!
And Surfer Joe's new release is SURF music. It's a combination of how everything in surf music had started and how will surf music develop in the future. He is mixing the classic surf era with the new modern way of playing a Jaguar guitar.

In El Sonido Cojonudo De Surfer Joe you can find 4 new tracks where you can discover his most mature phase so far, with the addition of the 12 tracks of the Live In Brighton 2014 which give you the impression that you are there enjoying his show.

Hang in There is a classic surf song. Twistin' is my favorite by far, it gives you euphoria. Jaguar makes you dance. As far as Low Tide, I think it is the perfect soundtrack for the Night Tide movie from '61, when the mermaid kills during the cycle of the full moon.

From the artwork and the music you can understand that Lorenzo Valdambrini is no longer in need of anything: just his guitar.
Can't wait to hear more from the new Surfer Joe real-surf era."
Mike Surf Papageorgiou - Green Cookie Records, Green Cookie Beach radio show, DJ and Surf Music fan.
IMPORTANT NEWS Latest updates on

El Sonido Cojonudo De Surfer Joe
So the time has come for this new release which includes 4 new songs of twangy surf music and the full Live in Brighton 2014 album. This is CD and digital only, available starting October 1st.

The nice EP recorded in 2014 with Ralf Kilauea is almost gone completely, sold out. Just a few copies left so HURRY UP and buy your record asap! You can contact me at or you can buy from the Surfer Joe Music Store.

Reprint of "Made in Antigua" and "Senor Surf"
It is decided: there will be a reprint of both Senor Surf and Made in Antigua. This last one comes to its second re-print since 2009. The new copies will be available before the end of 2015 and they will have a different CD color to differentiate from the original releases.

New tour in California - January 2016
I will go to meet again my Californian friends on a tour between San Francisco and San Diego. The line up of the band will feature Gianni Apicella on drums and Jonpaul Balak (Insect Surfers, Tikiyaki Orchestra) on bass. We are booking the shows now! If interested in getting further info please write us ASAP.

UK tour February 2016
Coming up a new tour in UK planned for February 2016. I will be again in the south touching London for a couple of gigs, Brighton and cities surrounding.

Germany/Netherlands tour March 2016
Booking already for a new tour in the area of west Germany and The Netherlands. This past summer tour was quite successful so we will go there again! Surfer Joe's band line up will still be a trio and looking forward for collaboration with some other great surf bands.

Brazil tour: SURFER JOE meets the DEAD ROCKS
Yes that is true, APRIL 14-23 I will be on tour supported by the great Dead Rocks. Actually we will present a mixed show with my and their songs, you absolutely cannot miss this one!
Check them out:
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Lorenzo Surfer Joe is truly one very active figure in modern surf music. Basically present to any world surf music event as artist or organizer, Lorenzo has collected an experience of way more than a thousand concerts since the late 90s. Constantly on tour in Europe and USA, Lorenzo had the honor to play on guitar or drums with several surf legends and he has shared the stage with many surf bands.
  • Co-organizer of the yearly Surfer Joe Summer Festival, the most important surf music event in then world.

  • Many times in the line up of the Surf Guitar 101 Convention in California.

  • One of the headliners of the Surf-O-Rama in Spain and the North Sea Surf Festival in Holland.

  • Within the first supporters and DJ of North Sea Surf Radio.

  • Mentioned or interviewed in movies like Reverb Junkies and Sound Of The Surf and in books about surf music's history like Surf Beat by Kent Crowley and the scientific paper Surfing About Music by Tim Cooley.

  • In August 2013 Lorenzo released his first solo album, SEÑOR SURF, which is considered one of the best traditional surf music albums of the past years. Out of this album, the song The North Swell has been voted within the 100 best surf revival songs ever.

  • In April 2012 he opened, together with the brother Luca and a friend, the only diner and music venue dedicated to surf music, the Surfer Joe Diner, which periodically hosts concerts and international events. It now includes an American diner, a tiki bar and a large outdoor garden.

When talking about surf music with Surfer Joe you don't look for compromises: REVERB, high rhythms and great energy! It is a concert that looks back to the origins of the genre, but shows its evolution and variety, going from the heavy Dick Dale sound to lounge and progressive atmospheres, always keeping an eye on the melody and the quality of the arrangements.

The Caribbean Years
On December 2004 Lorenzo left Italy and moved to Antigua, in the Caribbean, where he stayed until February 2011. In those years he formed the WADADLI RIDERS considered the first and only surf band ever from that region.

The band was a trio line-up that Lorenzo started on drums changing to guitar one year later. Wadadli Riders were a traditional surf band, with a pretty classy style and several good original tunes next to a long list of classic covers. They produced an album in July 2009, titled Made In Antigua, which has gone around the world and released on CD and vinyl (Surfer Joe Music / Green Cookie Records).
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People was definitely starting liking the Wadadli Riders, a traditional surf trio which during the time of its existence has played quite a lot between Europe, Caribbean and California. Their style was very simple, very melodic too, and Lorenzo is still playing at his shows several songs from the Wadadli Riders' repertoire. Looking back, those years have represented a transitional period in which Lorenzo has done his final passage from drums to guitar, developing his own style and taste.

Goofy Foot: The un-released album
The plan was to release a new album in 2011 showing off for the second time a cover artwork by Fred Lammers. This recording would have included also Caribbean musical aspects and instruments, but mainly it would have followed the same mood of Made in Antigua, remaining firmly into traditional surf. Goofy Foot (or its alternative possible title Me Cool) would have included The North Swell, Twangy Drippy Twisty, Devil's Bridge and Fire Escape Rope. In particular The North Swell was pre-released on the compilation Brave New Surf for Double Crown Records, and the following release of Senor Surf included the song in its original recording done in Antigua.

The end of Wadadli Riders
Some facts of life wanted that the band split up in January 2011 not being able to fulfil the projects. Also the first tour in Florida, planned for the next April, was cancelled and Lorenzo came back to Italy starting his solo career.
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Back from Antigua in February 2011 and starting touring under his own name, Lorenzo Surfer Joe formed the Boss Combo together with his brother Luca on rhythm guitar, Tommaso Bandecchi on bass and Francesco Tonarini on drums. The rhythm section derived from past hardcore and rock experience went towards a power surf direction. This gave the chance to review initially some of the Wadadli Riders repertoire in a different key, more aggressive and strong.

The band did some fantastic appearances and between 2011 and 2012 the touring activity has been frenetic. The Boss Combo also had some very cool original material that remained un-released. Lorenzo decided in 2013 to roll back a litte bit with the sound intensity and dedicate more actively to traditional surf, releasing in that same year Senor Surf.
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El Sonido Cojonudo De Surfer Joe
CD + Digital
2015 Surfer Joe Music

This release of Lorenzo is composed by 4 original tracks and the Live In Brighton 2014. Quite traditional sound with the usual Lorenzo's melodic attitude for 3 pushing songs and a slow surf ballad. Since the appearance of Dick Dale naked on an AD from the early 70s, this is probably the first time a surf record's cover shows nudity!
Live In Brighton 2014
2015 Surfer Joe Music

When we got the recordings from the show in Brighton on December 6th 2014, we realised they were actually pretty cool. So it was decided to release them in a full album which came out digital only in March 2015. Anyway this is included in the CD release of El Sonido Cojonudo in October 2015.

Fenderoni Diavolo
7" Vinyl + Digital
2014 Surfer Joe Music

Born as a joke and a fun idea between Lorenzo and Ralf Kilauea (of the German surf bands The Kilaueas), this EP came to reality in summer 2014 putting together 4 original tracks in which Lorenzo and Ralf share drums and guitars. The dynamic duo is already planning a Fenderoni Diavolo Part II to be released in 2016.
Senor Surf
CD + 12" Vinyl + Digital
2013 Surfer Joe Music & Green Cookie

A milestone in Lorenzo's career and mentioned within the top 100 surf revival album of all times, Senor Surf is a fully analog production developed at Circo Perrotti in Spain and composed mostly by original songs. This album has been a top-seller in the past 2 years and the CD version will be reprinted in October 2015. Read below for further details.

Combat Surf
CD + Digital
2011 Poker Records
2014 Double Crown Records

Just come back from Antigua, in March 2011 Lorenzo got involved on DRUMS and arrangements with this surf band from Pisa for a few shows and this nice album of traditional original surf music. The release was in 50 copies only and Double Crown decided to produce it again in December 2014.
Rev Hank Meets Wadadli Riders
CD (50 copies only) + Digital
2010 Surfer Joe Music & Reverb Ranch

After sharing the stage at the Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2009 Rev Hank (from Urban Surf Kings) joined Wadadli Riders for this EP including 5 original tracks. Following this release Rev Hank did tour Antigua in 2010.

Made In Antigua
CD + 12" Vinyl 2009 Surfer Joe Music & Green Cookie

The Wadadli Riders' full album which probably represents the only surf production ever done in the Caribbean. The CD is coming to its 3rd print in October 2015. The vinyl (produced by Green Cookie) also includes "Rockula" recorded live with Daddy-O Grande at the Summer Jamboree in Italy.
Surf Music Kings Of The Caribbean
CD (50 copies only)
2008 Surfer Joe Music

Although the band was formed in 2005, this has been the first official release. Very rough sounding even if Hurricane Season and Brown Recluse were actually re-used in Made In Antigua after remastering.
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On August 1st 2013 the first Surfer Joe solo album has been released on 12" vinyl and CD. The title of the work is SEÑOR SURF and includes 12 songs, 9 of of them previously unreleased.

Macaroni Pie • El Senor Surf • Devil's Bridge • Underwater Love • Waveboard Action • The North Swell • Fire Escape Rope • Cavalcade Of Surf • Etage 8 • Twangy Drippy Twisty • Changing Things • Beach City Bop

SURF MUSIC TOP LISTS (North Sea Surf Radio)
  • The TOP 101 list of surf "revival" albums of all time (1980 - today) includes SENOR SURF by Surfer Joe in position #66.

  • The TOP 101 list of all time (1980 - today) includes "The North Swell" in position #83.

  • The TOP 61 list of best surf tracks of 2013 includes "Fire Escape Rope" in position #4, "Devil's Bridge" in position #38 and "Underwater Love" in position #49.

Surfer Joe Music
Vinyl & CD

Green Cookie Records

at the Surfer Joe Music store

Click on the "+" to expand the text from the various sources.

[+] Paul Johnson - Belairs, PJ & The Galaxies, Packards - Surf music "pioneer"
[+] Ferenc Dobronyi - Pollo del Mar, Frankie & The Poolboys - Events organizer and surf music promoter
[+] John Blair - The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965
[+] Niels Jansen - founder North Sea Surf Festival
[+] Rev Hank - Urban Surf Kings, Canada
[+] Ivan Pongracic - Madeira, Space Cossacks
[+] Jeff Hanson "Big Tiki Dude" - Surf Guitar 101 Convention, USA
[+] Mike Surf - Co-owner of Green Cookie records
[+] Rüdiger Nehls - Surf music collector, Germany
[+] -
[+] Jerry Cerasani - Musician, surf music fan
[+] Duke -
[+] Slams Reviews 2 -
[+] Groovie Records -
[+] The Greaser And The Doll -
[+] Jorge Explosion - Estudios Circo Perrotti

There are songs that were written still at the time when Lorenzo Surfer Joe was in Antigua. After the release of "Made in Antigua" on July 2009, Wadadli Riders started working on new material that has never been released, but that has been played live on stage. Going towards the new recordings, Wadadli Riders did suddenly split and since then Surfer Joe has been extremely busy with the new line up of the BOSS COMBO. The amount of concerts that the new band has done in the past 2 years is impressive for a surf band, and in addition to this Lorenzo has participated to various tours on drums (John Blair Band, Paul Johnson & Friends, Frankie & The Poolboys, Kilaueas, Surfadelics, Insect Surfers & more) and managed other bands and tours.

The Boss Combo is a power-surf band, with their own sound and style that take advantage of the composition of Luca (Lorenzo's brother), Lorenzo's stage presence and the great rhythm section of Tommi (bass) and Togno (drums). Lorenzo Surfer Joe with his own songwriting is definitely more traditional, so he felt natural to complete something that was started already some years ago.

This album represents Lorenzo's taste in surf music, a mix between 60s "first wave" material, new ideas and strong melodies. He wanted to put on tape his concept of surf music evolved from jazz and rock 'n' roll, maintaining the key features of the genre and its basic simplicity. These melodies are not complicated pieces of music, but rather an easy listening and remembering group of energetic surf tunes.

Ok, when you listen to Senor Surf you are in the 60s!
But hey, this is NOT a vintage effect per se, it is just the way it has been recorded. Let me explain.

I have chosen to work with Jorge Explosion at Circo Perrotti, one of the coolest analog recording studios on the planet and certainly one of the most experienced. An experience born from being a musician, trying, testing equipment, making mistakes, experimenting, and most of all... listening. Instead of "inventing" techniques and watching a computer screen we decided to listen to the music we were doing, if we were liking it or not. Taking this choice means to go the old way, to "trust" the person you are working with, letting him do his job while putting a bit of his own taste into the product. Jorge is not just a studio technician, he does not handle the knobs and faders, but he understands what you are doing and brings it to a productive way, giving life to it. This is why Jorge Explosion is listed as co-producer of this album. We together have "produced" this sound.

Now coming to the "vintage" sounding fact... well, I used a Jazzmaster or Jaguar guitar into a Fender Reverb tank and a brownface amp. That's it. All recorded in analog on tape, edited and mastered in analog. What would you expect? All microphones are the right ones to pick the perfect acoustic drums sound (a 60s Ludwig kit) which means - like it or not - "old" equipment from Neumann to AKG. The bass guitar goes straight into a nice Ampeg Combo. And no additional effects on the takes, only a fun mix of echo units, reverbs and compressors in the mixing process.

I am very proud of the result. I know someone will not like it, but this is the sound of the instruments I used, it is all very natural. All the rest depends on my hands and the ability or making, or not, mistakes. Everything is recorded direct, drums have no metronome not to keep the tempo quantized and maintaining it alive.

Anyway, this is Senor Surf and I am glad I had the chance to live this experience!

As printed on the album cover, CD and vinyl.

In modern surf music business Lorenzo Valdambrini (aka Surfer Joe) represents a strong reality, playing and organizing events worldwide. He dedicates his life to surf music with a positive attitude and a great energy, always ready for new experiences and ideas while keeping an eye on the tradition of the genre which involves the most typical reverb drenched guitar sounds and pushing drum beats inspired by jazz and rock 'n' roll.

After the years spent in the Caribbean and the many performances as Wadadli Riders - also releasing in 2009 the album "Made In Antigua" and an EP titled "Rev Hank Meets Wadadli Riders" produced together with Reverb Ranch (Canada) in 2010 - Surfer Joe came back to Europe in 2011 and formed a new group, the Boss Combo, to carry on his work and produce new music. Concentrating on the touring and delivering a power-surf style, the band did more than 100 concerts in the first year!

"Senor Surf" is the first solo release of Surfer Joe. It collects pieces from some years back and finally glues them together, but also presents brand new compositions that reveal the devotion to the classic surf sound of the 60s revisited with a fascinating style. "Senor Surf" flies from California to Italy, passing by enchanted Caribbean beaches and visiting remote European locations. This is the world of Surfer Joe, made of simple melodies, groovy arrangements, twanging notes, stories to tell and surf music.

We hope you will enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed recording it!
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Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2015
Videos from Unsteady Freddie
Taken from the album "Senor Surf" (2013 Surfer Joe Music). Previously released on the compilation "Brave New Surf" (2012 Double Crown Records). The song reached position #83 in the North Sea Surf Radio Top 101 list of the BEST Surf Revival tracks of all times (1980 - present days)


Surfer Joe & The Tonomats at Melkweg, Amsterdam
North Sea Surf Festival 2014
Showing here the entire set, 16 videos playlist

Live at Surf-O-Rama Festival in Spain

Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2013

Live in New York City

Live in Huntington Beach, CA

Surfer Joe live at the beach... real Fender Showman volume!

Surfer Joe in Long Beach, CA

Surfer Joe in Auriense, Spain

Wadadli Riders & Daddy-O Grande at Summer Jamboree 2008 in front of 8000+ people!

Daddy-O Grande (Los Straitjackets), John Blair (Jon & The Nightriders), Lorenzo Surfer Joe, Carlos Gonzales (Tequila Worms), live in Anaheim, CA.

Paul Johnson & Friends in Italy

Surfer Joe in El Segundo, CA

Surfer Joe & The Tonomats, live in Berlin

Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2011
Full set
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