New LIVE ALBUM out in March 2015
The album is titled LIVE IN BRIGHTON 2014. It is Surfer Joe's first live recording featuring the current musicians Diego Persi Paoli on bass and Gianni Apicella on drums.

The recording has been done in Brighton, UK, on December 6th 2014 showcasing some of the tunes from the live set including a version of Danny Amis' "The Masked Surfer". The release is on DIGITAL ONLY, for the moment at least, available on all most common digital services and CDBaby.

Tracks included: Macaroni Pie, Twangy Drippy Twisty, Caribbean Vibes, The Killer Wave, Going My Wave, Fire Escape Rope, Mozipel Twist, The Masked Surfer, A Fistful Of Schnitzel, The North Swell, Devil's Bridge, Mozzarella Sunrise.

Credits: many thanks to Steve Jones, Los Fantasticos, The Surfin' Lungs, The Squadron Leaders. Live recording by Django Deadman. Mixed and engineered by Tommaso Bandecchi. Photos by Pino "TheJoepix" Pesarin.

New single our soon!
Working now on a new single including 2 cool songs revisited in surf style from the 60s French archives ;)
It is going to be a very nice surf recording with a strong jazz influences. More news coming soon... but we count on having the record available before May.

Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2015
The incredible festival program has been announced officially:
I will perform on Thursday 18 June in a special night show together with the Brazilian Dead Rocks. I already tell you it is going to be a crazy party!

It is a honor to annouce that the TOP 101 list of surf "revival" albums of all time (1980 - today) includes SENOR SURF by Surfer Joe in position #66. This is amazing and I thank with all my heart everyone who voted the record in their favorites. North Sea Surf Radio has really become a reference for the entire surf community to listen to new material everyday, 24/7, and together with the SurfGuitar101 forum it really maintains this genre alive!
I was already extremely happy to see 3 songs out of Senor Surf voted between the best of 2013, but now this result for the album represents a real recognition that I have done something right :-)

Now let's talk business... BUY THE ALBUM HERE
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